What happens if I arrive late?

Our games are scheduled just like movies so the show must go on, but we understand that I4 is a nightmare sometimes. if you feel at any part of your day you will be late please give us a call. Our policy states that a 10 minute grace period is allowed before we are required to start your timer. PLEASE NOTE: If you are playing with another group the 10 minute grace period is not honored but you are welcome to join them when you arrive. If you are going to be more than 30 minutes late your game is forfeited. As all cases are particular give us a call.

How long are your games?

You and your team have 60 minutes to complete the room’s objective.We do recommend arriving 15 minutes early to get checked in, fill out our standard liability waivers and purchase any drinks before entering the room.

What is the difficulty level of your games?

All of our rooms have been designed for first time players to expert players however we do have a ranking in place to help you narrow down what difficulty level would be perfect level for you!

Intermediate Level Games - The Legend of the Silent Tide, The Hidden Temple
Hard - Outlawed, Suburban Serial Killer
Expert - Pandorum

What is your Cancellation Policy?

In order to receive a full refund you must call and cancel within 48 hours prior to your arrival time. If you need to switch your booking time for a later or earlier date that must be done the day of your arrival time. As a family owned business we understand that life happens so give us a call should you not be able to make your scheduled appointment, we’re more than willing to work with you.

Are any of your rooms scary?

While none of our rooms are billed as “horror” we do like to keep the atmosphere to some of our rooms suspenseful. Pandorum is a science fiction thriller that does include dark confined spaces, loud noises, strobe and fog effects. However the level of suspense can be adjusted per your request to accommodate the needs of your group.

What is the recommended age? The recommended age for any of our rooms is 7 and up. That’s not to say we don’t allow younger, but do keep in mind that some of our puzzles may be too difficult for anyone under 7 to solve alone. Anyone over the age of 14 can enter the room without an adult but under 18 must have an adult sign our liability waiver.

Can we bring drinks into the room?

We do not allow outside drinks in our rooms. We do have alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to be purchased in our Hideaway Lounge which can be taken into the rooms! In fact we even allow the ability to get refills delivered to your room as well!

Are you really going to lock us in?

No you will be able to leave and reenter at any time, just be aware that the timer will still be running when you rejoin your group.

How many clues do I get?

We abide by the standard clue policy of 3 free clues during your 60 minute escape game. Here at The Escape Co. we do offer a fourth free clue by liking us on our social media pages! This can come in handy in some of our more difficult rooms. If your group isn’t competitive and just wants to have fun let your game host know and they will be more than happy to provide additional clues, but more than 4 will prevent you from joining our leaderboards!

Will I be paired up with strangers?

Unless you book a private room, there is a possibility you will be paired with another small group per the room capacity. Our game host will be sure to introduce you all and our escape games are great way to make new friends! If you are interested in booking a private room be sure to give us a call and ask about our group rates.

What time do I need to arrive?

We do recommend arriving 15 minutes early prior to your start time to, fill out our standard liability waivers and purchase any drinks before entering the room. This is also a great time to meet any other players! Just remember games do start on time so leave yourself time to not be rushed.

Can I use my phone in the room?

You are welcome to have your phone in the room, but if you need to use it for any reason please step outside (remember that door will not be locked) as not to disrupt the game for others.

Can I take pictures in the room?

No. We do not allow any pictures, videos, snapchats, Instragram stories, live broadcasting or recording of any kind in our rooms. This is to preserve the mystery and game play for any future guests. Of course after your game we will take a photo of your group which will be posted on our Facebook page.

Can I bring my pets into the room?

Here at The Escape Co. we absolutely allow service animals into our rooms as per the ADA law requirements. If you are bringing a certified service animal please let our front desk know at the time of booking.

Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

Here at The Escape Co. we actively strive to be inclusive to everyone. 3 of our 5 rooms are wheelchair accessible, (Pandorum, Outlawed, The Hidden Temple.) Our other 2 rooms have stairs that are required to climb to continue but again as a family owned business we are able to make accommodations per your needs. Please call us when booking!

Can I hang out in The Hideaway Lounge without playing a game?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage it, whether you are waiting for your group to finish or just passing through you are more than welcome to hang up front with us! We have board games, refreshments available and even eager staff members who will talk your ears off.